The on-line store is now open. Our garlic is currently being cured and will be ready to clean and package in the last week of August. Orders for seed garlic will be shipped starting the second week of September, and orders for culinary garlic starting at the end of August. Customers in the Ottawa-Gatineau region can purchase their Mayo Hill culinary garlic at the Westboro Farmers Market on Richmond Road in Ottawa every Saturday from 9:00 to 3:00 starting on August 31.   


Our seed garlic is classified under “Types of garlic”, under which you will find various cultivars. The price of our seed garlic is as follow and is cumulative (you get the discount on the total number of bulbs you order, no matter how many cultivars)

  • 1 to 5 bulbs: $4.00/bulb
  • 6 to 49 bulbs: $3.50/bulb
  • Over 50 bulbs: $3.00/bulb
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Culinary Garlic

Our culinary garlic is classified by taste strength (mild, medium and strong). Our garlic is sold in mesh packets of 226 gr (1/2 lb)  for $10. All varieties will keep for at least  6 months if kept in dry conditions at room temperature (around 20 C).

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